A sketch by Aravind, ma dear pal

Probably this is his first try in A4 size...as he used to sketch in small piece of papers/on his notebooks during our boring classses/study holidays in our room/other free time. I am pleased to share the same here. Keep sketching :-)


Are you wondering where the rest all trees went..? I am sure you will be...fine, Let me tell you a related topic- When you are in love with some one, you  find nothing but the one you loved....and nothing else, agreed?...if yes probably you got why i drew only two there...if not you should tell me what i should have drawn there...;-)


This was the first try in my engineering...even I have sweated untill it got finished..!


Me with my roommates returning after a coffee in KB(Krishna bhavan), Puttur. It was evening, and sun just said bye for the day..What attracted me was the purple color in the sky which Sun left for a few moments..!


Think every color as  a symbol for individual or any material..I felt everything has a root and everything is linked in some or the other way..sooner or later..The link is which creates interest..and a purpose..


I left painting the scenes which are already painted by....anyone, as my dad suggested not to do so...unless,   found its challenging & if  feel like I should have to do it. This one has painted up on seeing a paint by Ravi varma's nature scene...



Everyone is exposed to numerous opportunities, in every moment. Next available oppartunities depends on the one you choose now. So step in carefully..


I am proud of this painting. Because, I never know the power of the truth behind this painting during its creation. i.e You hardly responsible solely for the deeds you have done/doing, as you are under influence by everyone around you directly or indirectly, irrespective of their presence...am I right....? 


Seems rubbish?? ...may be:-).. I just wanna express that one or the other is controlling you or your group/ community..and one who is controlling is not an exception too...


A scene when my kite first time flew over my village for a longer distance....and that  was last one too. I used to get scolded for creating mess with threads, papers, sticks while preparing kites...  However it does not matter when compared to the pleasure which I enjoyed while  looking at my kite raising against the wind...!


You might think this is would be the first try..wrong..this is the second try on flowers..and first is PAINT-6


All credits for this goes to a TV show. This  was my first try on flowers..


Here its easy for you to enjoy the scene..I am sure you will get confused how to hold, if you are given a hardcopy!



Something relevant to backyard of our old home. An areca farm, then a small stream..and our home..Its not the scene which influenced me to paint this, but memories attached with them:-)


Strange but true..My dad appreciated only this painting not any of the rest..may be thats why its well said-"love is blind" ;-)


Scene near to my  native, where in tributaries of river Sharavati are flowing. I love to see this place in raining season, as i can feel the satisfaction of nature with rain.


One thing which I hate but respect the most is LOVE..Probably it is one among the undefined. You are free to take either way of my statement.


The best and worst part of my life..of course for most of my batch mates,  those who passed out during recession. Worst because its tough time, but best because we felt the worst. Each day spending in a 12x12 room is bit tough..Whenever I looked in to a mirror, all I can see was  optimistic eyes. But this sketch is composed of parts from several friends..hair, nose, lips..I'm sorry if you have any copy rights;-)

 hey there, i know there is mistake with this painting..,I am expecting(Though expections are source of dissapointment ) to hear from you!


Ma buddies.. We, nine guys team had been to a trip around Shimoga in our last semester. And this scene is the top of Nagara fort near to my native. We had been there in evening, All of us go crazy while taking photos. In warm memory spent with them..dedicated to all those pals there.


No doubt, it was drawn while dreaming about my gal


Just another try to copy an image from Lord Krishna's photo, in whom my room-mate believes a lot.


This was a try to draw my dad snap. I used his  photo.I just wonder,what he would have done if I asked him to sit until I complete;-)


     Usually during our college days, specially in afternoon sessions, everyone used to feel sleepy... I used to gaze around the class in order to avoid sleep. Somehow I observed  a corner and found a dead spider hanging in its own web. Just imagined how it would be trying to build it.


         I had just returned from class and lied down on my bed,  guess what......yes, above was the fan running  like this. Realized that everything is w.r.t time.......i.e @ this instant. If not this situation, obviously my view will be different towards it. Same applies to any circumstance with persons too:-) Just wanna mention a quote which has no time bound :"This moment is not permanent"!


               This is the snap of the scene similar to surroundings  of my room during our engineering college days. Those were the days which will ever lost in my memories. Missing all my best buddies there!