The best and worst part of my life..of course for most of my batch mates,  those who passed out during recession. Worst because its tough time, but best because we felt the worst. Each day spending in a 12x12 room is bit tough..Whenever I looked in to a mirror, all I can see was  optimistic eyes. But this sketch is composed of parts from several, nose, lips..I'm sorry if you have any copy rights;-)

 hey there, i know there is mistake with this painting..,I am expecting(Though expections are source of dissapointment ) to hear from you!


Sudhakar said...

Gadda nodthidre aravind nenapagthide..! hair gel swalpa kadime hakidre olleditthenu ..

Chandan said...

Well,, You have spotted owner of one part..there are many more owners..!